MariaDB on ZFS

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ZFS parameters

zfs set atime=off             MYSQL-DATA
zfs set compression=lz4       MYSQL-DATA

zfs set atime=off             MYSQL-LOG
zfs set compression=lz4       MYSQL-LOG

zfs set recordsize=8k         MYSQL-DATA/data

zfs set recordsize=16k        MYSQL-DATA/InnoDB
zfs set primarycache=metadata MYSQL-DATA/InnoDB

zfs set primarycache=metadata MYSQL-LOG/ib_log

# zfs list -o recordsize,primarycache,compression,compressratio,atime,name -r MYSQL-DATA -r MYSQL-LOG
   128K           all       lz4  1.06x    off  MYSQL-DATA
    16K      metadata       lz4  2.81x    off  MYSQL-DATA/InnoDB
     8K           all       lz4  1.05x    off  MYSQL-DATA/data
   128K           all       lz4  2.15x    off  MYSQL-LOG
   128K           all       lz4  1.00x    off  MYSQL-LOG/binlog
   128K      metadata       lz4  2.17x    off  MYSQL-LOG/ib_log

If you have innodb_file_per_table=on

# mysql -e 'show variables like "innodb_file_per_table";'
| Variable_name         | Value |
| innodb_file_per_table | ON    |
  • If you have only InnoDB-Tables or the only productive ones are InnoDB then consider setting the blocksize of MYSQL-DATA/data to 16k because all Innodb-Datafiles (*.ibd) will be written there :-\.*
  • consider setting the initial innodb_data_file_path to smaller value like ibdata1:100M:autoextend

Database parameters for ZFS

datadir                         = /MYSQL-DATA/data/mysql
innodb_data_home_dir            = /MYSQL-DATA/InnoDB
innodb_data_file_path           = ibdata1:2000M:autoextend
innodb_log_group_home_dir       = /MYSQL-LOG/ib_log
#innodb_flush_method             = O_DIRECT
innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit  = 2
innodb_file_per_table           = off
# /usr/sbin/mysqld --print-defaults
/usr/sbin/mysqld would have been started with the following arguments:

On Linux do not forget to add new directories to apparmor!