Solaris cluster clone

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If you need to recreate a cluster node from a survived node, you need to do the following steps

Clone system disk

For example via metattach to the metaroot.

Edit normal Solaris parameter

/etc/nodename /etc/hostname.*

Check: /etc/inet/hosts

If mirrored by SVM do

  1. Edit /etc/vfstab of the clone to normal Devices
  2. Edit /etc/system:
* Begin MDD root info (do not edit)
** rootdev:/pseudo/md@0:0,10,blk
* End MDD root info (do not edit)

Umount cloned disk fsck cloned disk root slice

Edit Cluster parameter

Get the right id from:

# nawk '/cluster\.nodes\.[^.]*\.name/{split($1,field,"."); print field[3],$NF}' /etc/cluster/ccr/global/infrastructure 
1 node-a
2 node-b

Edit the

echo <nodeid> > /etc/cluster/nodeid

for example node-b:

echo 2 > /etc/cluster/nodeid

of the clone.