StorageTek SL150

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StorageTek SL150 Modular Tapelibrary

General Knowledge

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Solaris Configuration

To use the Ultrium-6 Tape drives with Solaris you have to put the following into your st.conf:

tape-config-list =
"HP      Ultrium 6-SCSI  ","HP      Ultrium 6-SCSI","HP      Ultrium 6","HP      Ultrium LTO 6","HP_LTO_GEN_6";
HP_LTO_GEN_6 = 2,0x3B,0,0x18659,4,0x00,0x46,0x58,0x5A,3,60,1200,600,1200,600,600,18000

The vendor string has to be exactly 8 characters: HP<6 spaces>Product...

Unload the st driver after changing the st.conf:

# modunload -i $(modinfo | nawk '$6=="st"{print $1}')

Check if the new config settings matched the drive:

# mt -f /dev/rmt/0cn config
"HP      Ultrium 6-SCSI", "HP      Ultrium 6-SCSI  ", "CFGHPULTRIUM6SCSI";
CFGHPULTRIUM6SCSI = 2,0x3B,0,0x18619,4,0x58,0x58,0x5A,0x5A,3,60,1200,600,1200,600,600,18000;

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