ZFS fast scrub

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If you need a fast scrub to get to production state after an bloody hard unplanned downtime... and so on... I would expect you to not to do this.

But it worked for me:

# echo "zfs_scrub_delay/D" | mdb -k

# echo "zfs_scrub_delay/W0" | mdb -kw
zfs_scrub_delay:0x4             =       0x0

This sets the scrub delay to zero... your system will do a lot of scrubbing and not so much other things.

Remember to set it back to the old value later (4 in this example)!

# echo "zfs_scrub_delay/W4" | mdb -kw
zfs_scrub_delay:0x0             =       0x4

But remember I told you: NEVER DO THIS!!!